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The Brief

Asian Paints, being the market leader in paint and décor in India, makes many efforts to directly reach out to its consumers to empower them and educate them about its products and innovations. One such venture is the Customer Relations app with special functionalities such as scanning a photo of a space, recognizing the faults and suggesting products that can provide a fix. The aim was to create an impeccable user experience to support these functionalities, prompt the user easily, and entice with aesthetic design.
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An app such as CR is not prevalent in the market. We combined research with intuitive solving and testing to retrieve
a user flow which was unique but instinctive. As one of the pioneers of such innovation in a product for home owners, designers, contractors, and architects, we stressed immensely on the user experience. 

The aesthetics were designed to entice and the user interface perfectly complimented the user flow. The experience itself
is enriched by the precise scanning, hypothesis, and suggestions that are presented in the app. This app will be a go to product for home builders and renovators. We have made sure to use exemplary experiential instincts to provide
an unparalleled utility.
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Functional Flow

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