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For a global technology giant, it is imperative to stay updated when it comes to software services used internally. But change is hard, especially when your employees are used to how they work. When the change was around the corner, this is what we did.
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The Brief

This was an awareness, migration, and retention campaign introduced to the employees of an international IT organization. The challenge was to make the communication interesting to ensure a smooth and effective migration. The campaign had to drive significant action.
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We took an alternative approach to the campaign. Instead of ‘migration’ as the central theme, we chose empowerment. By showcasing how the upgrade helped employees make working more seamless and fast, we drove awareness and action. ‘Hi 365’ was our theme- upbeat and light-hearted, to grab eyeballs and ensure migration and retention. With productivity tips, utility tips, facts, and contests, we achieved great results while having fun.
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