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Folk in Vogue catalogue

Folk in Vogue is an initiative by Asian Paints to bring the folk arts of India into the forefront. To ensure the revival and survival of this beautiful art-form and encouragement of the rural artisans who practice it, Asian Paints introduced Folk in Vogue to bring the cream of these folk cultures into modern Indian homes.
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The Brief

The aim of the catalogue was not just to put forth the various designs and offerings but to entice the people with these vibrant and less-known art forms.
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We started by doing immense research on these art forms. Having done a video documentation of this initiative, we were acquainted with the art forms. With the original designs, we illustrated many vivid designs of our own to complement the rich theme. The design was done so that the true flavour of the folk arts comes out while still ensuring a balance with negative spaces. Indulging stories were written about the arts as company to the beautiful designs.
Asian Paints folk in vogue
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