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the Employee 

participation rate

in employee engagement activity with effective
 corporate branding and employee communication.

The Challenge

The employee engagement programs designed a Wellness Company were facing low registration
 and comparatively less participation from the employees, though the program was designed
 in a well-structured manner to boost the physical and mental wellness. All though the program was tailor
 made to each and every company, they were unable to draw a central theme which would differentiate
 them from their competitors. With both problems in hand, client wanted to improve the communication that
 would be more effective and efficient to increase both the participation and registration
 from employee side in such wellness activity.
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Our approach
 and solutions

The First step

First step was to have a focus group meeting with the internal stakeholders
 of the company which included CEO, COO and Marketing Team to identify the following aspects:
What is the expectation
 of the business?

What are they currently doing to
 achieve the objective?

What is the expectation from
 the target audience?
Who are their target audience and
the respective age group?

What is the perception of the internal stakeholder in
terms of the communication issues?


This Phase helped WinkTales to understand
 the business expectation, their current
 communication strategy and the issues perceived
 by the leadership team.


With initial research and communication with the relevant stake holders,
WinkTales realized the following aspects:
  • Lack of audience persona
  • Emails in the form of memo text

  • Stock pictures that failed attention

  • No Periodic communication on initiatives

  • Multichannel communication was missing

  • Undefined Communication guidelines

  • Unconsinstency in the flow of communication


Constant feedback from the stakeholder group via surveys, one-on-ones
in the venue sites, and discussions were taken and the communications
 were tweaked and iterated for continuous process and output improvement.
Employee Communication Champion

Action plan and build engagement

Based on research and discussion, it was evident that GetActive had two
personas of user:

Individualistic Audience (Employees): Predominately
 millennial group.

CXO and CHRO: Senior leaders who take
various decisions related to employee
engagement initiative.
With millennial audience being exposed to various communication every day,
it was important to make sure communication is engaging and loud enough to
 strike the cord. Winktales decided to rule out the stock picture style and have
 customized minimalist illustrations for all the communication. With new approach
to trendy and contemporary visual appeal, they were able to bring
 freshness and newness to the communication every time.
Employee engagement Collateral

Winktales chartered a roadmap where the
 communications were planned based on the milestones
 of program and as a result, were able to bring in
a consistent communication throughout the year.

Winktales also relooked the way GetActive communicates with CXO and CHRO.
The fortnight report and the engagement reports were changed from traditional data,
heavy PPT’s to aesthetically pleasing Infographics. The traditional way of data
representation (table and pie charts) were not interesting and overwhelming.
 The infographics style of representation of data was well appreciated by the
CXO team and generated a lot of talk.

Winktales also focused on multichannel communication which included e-mails,
landing pages for registration and rewards, app based notification and messages,
installation of standees and kiosks to amplify the curiosity and drive more
registrations for the program.

The Outcome

For a wellness activity designed for Accenture


Employees participated


sessions were executed


increase in participation


locations across 7 cities


employees reported improvement
in medical condition.


of the employee actively started to engage in
physical activity after the wellness activity
compared to 12% before.
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WinkTales's core strength lies in getting the brief right and a good understanding of the employee psyche,
which translates to great creative outputs. They work as true partners, with quick turn arounds and being
 always accommodative of changes and working within our budgets.

- Manager, Employee Communication.
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