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The Brief

Namma Calcutta brings the famous Bengali cuisine to Bengaluru. It is a hot spot for true Bengalis and people who love the Calcutta cuisine. The aim of the project was to create a unique brand identity for the brand. And for this project, we mixed the cultural aura of Bengal and the lively Indian shades.


To stand true to the culture of Bengal, the logo followed the thought process of combining delicacies with the admirable symbology of Bengal. The iconic Bengali Durga Devi and the chef’s cap stood out- a quirky twist to an exciting cuisine. 

The name of the brand was also represented similar to the Bengali script to represent the true essence of Bengal. Different styles were tried on the Bengali script font. Many options were evaluated to see which logo design made the best connect with the brand value and brand positioning. 

The design of the menu is blended with exciting colours of the food. The rustic food photography and the bright Indian colours emanate a Bengali nostalgia.