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The Brief

Asian Paints is the market leader for paints in India and an international décor brand. Colour Scheme Pro app combined 4 functionalities that aimed to help home-builders, contractors, interior designers, architects, and décor enthusiasts with colour selection and picking. It contains the entire spectrum of colours on offer from Asian Paints and innovative colour picker solutions. The aim was to create an attractive brand identity for increased brand recall.
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We approached the brand identity for CSP app with the intent to imply its functionality. The initial research and designs employed the colours of the spectrum to represent the logo unit. Further, the letter ‘C’ was represented through the same spectrum of colours.
The unique design has clean strokes which makes a vibrant logo unit. It implies that a wide spectrum of colours is available in the app. Adopting a modern style and a letter-mark logo, this widely-appreciated app logo connected with the target group and achieved up to 1 Million downloads.
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Primary colours

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Gray scale colours

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