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for change management and boosting participation for organisational initiatives of a $1Bn IT Major

The Challenge

A leading IT company based out of Bangalore with $1Bn in revenue and 25,000 employees spread over 30 offices across 19 geographies was facing low participation in its employee-centric programs.
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Our approach and solutions

Strategic partners

WinkTales played the role of an extended team, identifying problems and iterating solutions to deliver results, working hand-in-hand with the CHRO/CIO/CRO teams by understanding the organisational and stakeholder priorities, culture and brand. With an audit of the current solutions and landscape, WinkTales identified root causes to deliver on the need than just the task alone.


Conversations with the relevant stakeholders, including the employees, gave WinkTales key insights. The previous communication style was memo-like and had a one-size-fits-all approach, failing to generate interest amongst the predominantly millennial audience. Most often the emails were routed to folders, to be checked later leading to the poor response. Organisational communication was vying for attention against a variety of external stimuli. Therefore, communication had to be fresh while providing instant gratification.

Right Messaging

Employee personas were identified for various target groups and personalised communication was devised for each target group. Being an extended team, WinkTales was able to package the intent of the communication to deliver the right message that is employee friendly, evokes excitement and elicits action.
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These days I look forward to see what’s coming next...
- Employee
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Aesthetic quality

Following contemporary design and visual trends - WinkTales was able to bring in fresh appeal. Taking a step further, WinkTales ensured no two campaigns looked the same - with constant reinvention there was freshness in communication, as one employee said, “These days I look forward to see what’s coming next...”

New age media & Multi-touchpoint approach

With increasing touch-points of communication, WinkTales realised the need to deliver the communication to where the audience is - Yammer, Sway, External Social Platforms - Facebook, Twitter, emailer, and offline areas delivered the communication in new-age media formats like micro-sites, videos (animations and live), GIFs etc

Quick turnaround times

With a dedicated team and streamlined check-point review process, WinkTales was able to deliver full-fledged campaigns within a turnaround time of less than 72hrs. “Working with such stringent timelines, you always have to 'get it right the first time', and we're able to do that because of our check-point review and processes. It's our pleasure to Deliver to Delight.” - Team Leader, WinkTales.

Effective feedback

Constant feedback from the stakeholder group via surveys, one-on-ones, and group discussions were taken.WinkTales introduced the PDCA [Plan-Do-Check-Act] cycle to iterate for continuous process and output improvement.

The Outcome

The Outcome

of 9 brands and handling their branding & communication.

Set-up of Employee Comm.

of 9 brands and handling their branding & communication.


increase in participation


Campaigns managed


Communications delivered




Post engagements


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WinkTales's core strength lies in getting the brief right and a good understanding of the employee psyche, which translates to great creative outputs. They work as true partners, with quick turn arounds and being always accommodative of changes and working within our budgets.
- Manager, Employee Communication.
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