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Why isn't your Employee Communication effective

Why isn't your Employee Communication effective

by Admin — Posted on Sep 2, 2016

It isn’t interesting enough. Period.


People are distracted. There are 3,00,000 things running through each person’s mind every day. They turn towards social media for fun and entertainment and give it their mind share. Your employee communication is lost in their priorities. Remember that you are not just competing with the official information to get your employees’ mind share. You are competing with their facebook, twitter, instagram accounts and “Charlie bit my finger”!

Then how to effectively communicate to your employees?

ENGAGE them.

Go the extra mile to design communication strategies that your employee will take time for. The communication will be received and better yet, it will be liked. And people remember what they like, very well.

How do we achieve this?

Step 1: Change the mindset

Employees are the biggest internal stakeholders and communicating to them must be taken with as much importance as we do for customers. Their engagement should not be a namesake deed, but one to be planned, thought through, written and designed effectively.

By understanding their psyche and empathising with them, an employer can make contact in an effectual manner.

Step 2: Structure and strategize

There is only one intelligent way of engaging your employees. Talk to their hearts. Talk about what really matters to them. Yes, we understand the glitch. Not all communication is rosy; but it is necessary. Let us see a general classification.

  • The ‘Appealing’: Things that they are interested in such as Employee Health and Wellbeing, Engagement events, Initiatives, offers and others.
  • The ‘Humdrum’: Things that you want to communicate but they don’t really care about such as Client/Project Wins, New leader joining, Dress Policy and others.
  • The ‘Mandatory’: Things they have to do whether they like it or not, like Deadlines for Appraisal submission, Income tax proof Submission and others.

All three kinds of communication have to be implied with attractiveness and vigour, especially the first two categories. Also have a smart mixture of the three kinds so you keep your employees interested in the communication.

Let’s face the truth. Mailers alone doesn’t suffice. We must exploit other media and channels to grab the employees’ attentions. Use media such as print, SMS, Microsite and videos and channels like social media, in-house radio, Experiential Campaigns, to make it more personalized

Step 3: Entice, Entertain and Engross

Three different words and one common lesson – be as interesting as possible. It’s all in the design sometimes. It’s how you say it sometimes. But everyone should see it, every time! Also take the engagement to different media – Experiential campaigns, Microsites, in-house radio which are more personalized.

A good communication should satisfy the following conditions

  1. Arouse curiosity/interest – so that the person reads/watches it completely. This is where the creative “bait” matters
  2. Move people to take an action – whether to check website, or register for an event
  3. Showcase the importance– how is this event/communication vital
  4. Be Simple – Easy to understand, a single message with no clutter
  5. Connect to the Employee personally – Empathize, understand the emotion and communicate accordingly

Always remember to understand your employee and communicate effectively so that you have their unwavering attention. Stand out and be smart. Be as creative as you can. Break the monotony of corporate communication!

Sharing some of the communication that WinkTales has done for our valued clients.

This is a strip put by Mphasis to create awareness about Urine colour and associated health signals. It was placed above the urinals, to capture attention at the “point of contact”