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New Age Media for Employee Communication

New Age Media for Employee Communication

by Admin — Posted on Nov 15, 2016

Every big organization seems to be doing immensely well with their marketing communication, releasing more interesting videos and better billboard ads every single day. But when it comes to the employee communication, they stick to the same old e-mail, blithely ignoring the fact that their organization is a brand not only to the outside world but on the inside too.

Once you realize this, you are already too late! There are some HR officials putting internal communication on the top of their lists while you are still Googling for ‘employee communication PDF’. It’s time to fast forward your internal communication strategy and make it ‘New Age’.

In this cut throat world, being current is the only choice. And with the millennial numbers in the workforce growing at an astonishing rate, being ‘current’ now means being ‘Millennial’.

Employee communication has come from papers to mails and from Personal Computers to mobiles. And it is essential that you adapt and grow younger to engage your new generation of employees. The best way to do this is to use the platforms where they are most active in.

1. Social Media

This is a virtual translation that humans are social animals. Your employees are always online and that should be taken advantage of. Instead of sending an e-mail about an event, make a Facebook event for it. Instead of sending internal news as a memo, tweet it. Instead of sharing pictures on an e-mail, put it on Instagram and tag your employees. Make information interesting by blogging about it. Have a connection with your employees with LinkedIn. You get the drill. Have attractive posts that grab attention and make sure to not overdo it. Else you might be spamming your employees.

2. Animation videos

How do you communicate content heavy data to your employees interestingly? With an animation video. How do you convey the company news attractively? With an animation video. How to make an internal conference exciting? With animation videos. Let’s face it. Videos are far more interesting than words. They get the eye and the mind of your every employee. These videos are not just attention grabbing but also a feather on your cap. The output is marvelous and no doubts about the communication being received. As a bonus, also receive appreciation. Now that makes for great internal branding.

3. Microsites

You might be organizing events, contests and awareness initiatives for your employees. But to what benefit is that if you cannot exemplify it indulgingly? Use a Microsite, an independent minimal site that contains the contents related to any event, campaign or contest. It has its own look and feel, it can be linked with an SMS and it is an exploitable vertical that becomes another platform to talk to your employees. Achieve immense engagement through microsites. Employee communication is one of the most important contributors to employee engagement. Make the effort to make it exciting and use the modern media to get most traction. It will also hit a chord with your employees when they learn that their company is their pal. It’s time to get savvy with the new age media and be in vogue with your employees.