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5 ways to enhance employee engagement

5 ways to enhance employee engagement

by Admin — Posted on Feb 16, 2017

Run your eyes through your office, do you see energetic and rigorous employees? Do you see your employees giving hi-fi’s to each other?

When things go wrong or you have to rush to see your family (urgent engagement), can you rely on them to pull the business through?

A perfect organizational culture is one where you can talk freely, share your thoughts freely and motivate each other realising the value and importance of a happy, engaged company culture.

In any firm there could be people from all 3 different generations, so how to bridge the gap?

Below are 5 tips to employee engagement which can help ignite your workplace.

1. Keep Motivating/ motivation matters– Nothing works as miraculously as motivation. It does wonders to boost one’s confidence. Everyone uses different ways for motivation. Some do by calling up a meeting and injecting that pinge of motivation which is lacking, others do by offering staff incentives and rest by rewarding employees on occasions. Ways could be different but goal is one.

2. Be Transparent– Management transparency has a direct 94 percent correlation with employee happiness. Trusting workers with delicate data gives them a feeling of more profound interest in the organization and makes a more agreeable group climate, rather than a “us versus them” view of the management-employee relationship.

3. Offer Visibility– This should manifest in two ways. Firstly, the administrators, chiefs ought to be agreeable and accessible for help and direction as opposed to keeping themselves secured private spaces/ensured area. Second, openly remunerate workers for their commitments and accomplishments. This not only motivates each of those individuals to continue doing great work, but also their peers.

4. Say Thank you– This gesture is mostly overlooked in big organizations. Affirmation by administration and among companions is the quickest approach to construct trust, reestablish strained connections and stimulate the work environment.

5. Be Flexible– A company is made up of people not products. Give employees the freedom to adjust their work locations and working hours because workers with flexible hours and locations are more productive, happier and more engaged than 8-to-5 cubicle jockeys.

Golden Rule: Treat people as you’d want to be treated. Also, spare your cash on those costly experts, programs and other productized approaches. Sympathy, common regard, graciousness and adaptability don’t cost a thing.